Can’t Avoid Basement Waterproofing on Long Island’s South Shore

Needing basement waterproofing is necessary since Long Island is located right on the ocean and the close proximity of homes on the island make it susceptible to flooding. Residents of the island were made well aware of this during Hurricane Sandy. However, it isn’t just the storms of the decade that can do such damage, everyday rain and leaks can pose the same problem. Being proactive can help to eliminate many of the risks associated with leaks in your home.

Basement Waterproofing on Long Island
Basement Waterproofing on Long Island

Fixing Problems in your Foundation

If you are having problems with leaks in your basement, your foundation may be the problem. Both small and large cracks allow water to deep into your walls through the foundation and into your basement. Once the water is inside, all bets are off as to the damage that can be done. Moisture can leak onto carpet and drywall in your basement and lead to mold colonies which grow and prosper. Mold can have an impact on both the value of your home and your health.

Turn to foundation crack repair on Long Island for solving these small and major cracks. A foundation crack repair on Long Island Service will help you to see if the crack is simply the cause of basic home settling, or if it is a sign of a more significant problem that needs remediation.


Basement Waterproofing on Long Island

Water can seep through any porous surface including bricks and even vinyl siding. These substances are typically waterproof but sometimes this fails to be effective as a protection for the elements. Often water gets through small cracks and impurities in the surface and into your home. Sometimes it can be hard to trace from where the water is coming from. Basement waterproofing on Long Island Services will help to detect the source of the leak and add waterproofing materials on the surface of both the interior and exterior of your home to protect it from leaks. They will also identify other more intensive solutions of the water is leaking in from other sources such as adding sump pumps to your basement.

Water is dangerous for homes and finding ways to root it out before the moisture sets hold is essential. Basement waterproofing Long Island Services can help to keep your basement dry, while foundation crack repair on Long Island Services can remove major and minor cracks in your foundation where flooding can occur.

If you are noticing moisture in your Long Island home it is important to protect both the property value of your home and the safety of your family with these waterproofing services. They are well worth the money invested in these services.