Long Island Foundation Contractors Have Solutions For You.

One thing Long Island foundation contractors know is that homeowners may have no idea they have a foundation problem until it becomes quite serious and affects the rest of the house. It is the type of job that people put off because they are afraid it will be too disruptive or expensive to complete. However, with the best foundation contractors on Long Island has to offer, problems can be taken care of quickly and with minimal interruptions to your regular lifestyle.

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Signs of Foundation Problems

Most people call for foundation inspection Long Island after they see something that concerns them in the exterior foundation, basement, floors, or walls of their home.

The most common interior signs the foundation may have trouble include.

  • Cracks or other damage to the floor
  • Wall cracks, especially at the corners of doors and windows and along the ceiling
  • Doors suddenly sticking in their frames or not watching properly
  • Windows becoming much more difficult to open and close
  • Moisture signs or mold growth, especially in the basement

If you notice any of these things, head outside and examine the foundation walls all the way around the house. Then call for a professional foundation inspection Long Island right away before the problem could get worse.


Solutions to Foundation Problems

After a thorough foundation inspection Long Island has been conducted, it is time to let the experts get to work to solve the problem before it gets more dangerous for your home and more expensive. In the vast majority of cases, there will be no need to replace the entire foundation to fix the problem.

Some foundation companies Long Island choose steel piers or helical piers to shore up the building if the foundation is sinking or collapsed in any way. These both add structural strength and peace of mind. Of course, the actual concrete that makes up the foundation, slab, or supports may also need work. Concrete pillars are more commonly seen in older homes. Another option is called slab jacking and consists of filling the gaps under the foundation or slab with various types of products to move it back into position. Our foundation contractors Long Island will design the perfect solution to any problem.

If your exterior foundation has a crack, the best foundation companies Long Island will repair it with the latest products and materials suitable for the foundation material and surrounding conditions. They will need to dig down where the crack occurs to find its source and for access to make repairs. Then, cement or other patch material will be used to fill the crack and make it sturdy once again. Moisture barriers are usually installed afterward to make sure the fault line is impervious to additional moisture damage.

Although foundation problems make homeowners nervous, the best way to tackle them is to get highly recommended foundation contractors Long Island to come out, do a thorough inspection, and then fix the problem before it gets any bigger.